The Best Exercise for Overcoming Headaches

Have you experienced headaches? If so, you have certainly gotten advice for regular exercise to ease it. But on the other hand, exercise sometimes actually becomes a headache trigger. Actually exercise is the right choice. Only types of exercise that might be wrong and not in accordance with your complaint.

For headaches, especially those that are tension-type, exercise that is too heavy can indeed trigger complaints. In order for this type of headache to subside, you can choose the type of exercise that can reduce stress and stretch stiff muscles. Stress and stiff muscles are the two main causes of tension-type headaches.

Yoga can be the right choice, because it focuses on relaxation, breathing regulation, and stretching the body. The combination of calmness with stretching the neck and spine can help release stress, and improve posture after a day’s work. Tension in the neck that gradually disappears can relieve headaches.

If you don’t really like sports like yoga, you can do light cardio. Jogging on a treadmill or walking around the park can be an option.

Cardio exercise will make breathing better and blood circulation smooth. You can stretch your neck and spine between these cardio exercises.

When doing sports to deal with headaches, the most important thing is to prepare and do the exercise correctly. Here are the things you need to consider before doing sports to overcome headaches:

Sufficient body fluid needs before, during, and after exercising

Make sure your mouth does not feel dry and that you sweat according to the intensity of the exercise.

If you start feeling thirsty, you need to drink immediately. Do not let the lack of fluids, because it can trigger headaches, especially migraines. Not sweating while exercising at moderate intensity is also a sign of dehydration.

Eat enough for at least an hour and a half before exercising

Exercise will reduce blood sugar levels, so it is important to supply energy sources before starting exercise. Don’t eat too close to exercise, because it can cause stomach cramps.

Warm up

Sports suddenly, without warming up, can trigger headaches.

Regular exercise can indeed help deal with headaches for the long term. But to deal with headaches quickly, you can take mild to severe relievers such as metampyrone. You can also choose drugs with additional trimethylxanthine so that the body feels fresher and free to move.